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Ænon Corporate Finance is an independent Mergers & Acquisitions advisor contributing to SME's development and sustainable growth. Our mission is to provide shareholders and entrepreneurs with the professional and tailored advisory services needed to execute a successful transaction.
M & A, Capital raising, Shareholder strategy

Ænon Corporate Finance was established in 2013 by Franck da Silva to meet industrial firms development issues in a profound economic turmoil. As we are committed to the long term viability of companies, our mission is to provide shareholders and entrepreneurs with the professional, innovative and tailored solutions needed to execute a successful transaction. As we try to bring strong ethic values and sense to our own business, we also tend to push our customers and partners to put people and territories first in the development of their businesses. Learn more

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Ænon Corporate Finance operates mainly in transactions where its clients or the counterparts are either francophone (namely from France, Belgium, Switzerland and Luxembourg) or lusophone (Portugal, Brazil, Angola and Mozambique).

What we do

Ænon Corporate Finance operates with Family-Owned Groups, SMEs, Startups, Investment Funds and Family Offices to develop and implement effective shareholder strategies. Our objective is to assist these companies through complex periods of their existence, either by means of divestment, development or geographical consolidation. Learn more
Sell-side mandate

We have a professional and tailored approach to maximize your exit value and to design a bright future for the company Learn more

Buy-side mandate

Through intelligent and well-targeted acquisitions, we help your company achieve substantial long-term growth Learn more

Capital-raising services

We structure ideal custom-made financing arrangements for entrepreneurs and mature companies Learn more


We evaluate companies with honesty, accuracy and clear explanation

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Did you know ? Ænon (or "Enon") means in Greek "natural fountain" or "spring". It also means a change of state, a change from a certain condition to a better one, a prosperous one. Ænon was also a town across the river Jordan, near Jericho.

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