Founded in Paris in 2013 by Franck da Silva, Ænon Corporate Finance is an International Independent Investment Bank providing financial advisory services to private companies across Europe.

The company is represented in Paris, Geneva and Lisbon.

Ænon Corporate Finance focuses on cross-border Mergers & Acquisitions services, i.e. merger, sale, acquisition and capital raising transactions.

As we are committed to the sustainable growth and long term viability of companies, our mission is to provide shareholders and entrepreneurs with the professional, innovative and tailored solutions needed to execute a successful Mergers & Acquisitions transaction.

We also have a specific approach of Shareholder Strategy led by Excellence, Dedication, Passion and an unwavering respect for the Confidentiality.

As we try to bring strong ethic values and meaning to our own activity, we also tend to encourage our customers and partners to put people and territories first in the development of their own businesses.

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